Shaping recruitment experiences for HR & GenZ

Engage young talent on the messaging app they use the most
Interact instantly with conversationnel Human + AI
Convert talents better and faster

Improve your social recruiting campaigns and more...  to catch GenZ !

Peetchr is

Natively Adapted

To your social media campaigns
Acquisition has never been easier
To your social media campaigns
To your job boards campaigns
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To your job boards campaigns
To your offline operations
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To your offline operations

Our Value Proposition

Catch your audience on/off-line
Plug-in Peetchr from your HR campaigns on & off-line
Convert your talents
Bye-bye apply, hello conversational with all social messaging apps
Interact instantly
Human interaction meets the power of AI
From pre-onboarding to retention
Talk more. Know better. Engage longer.
Win a step with mutual value-fit review, and more...
Every great hire starts with a hello

A new talent experience

Prioritizing a seamless mobile experience that’s intuitive and user-friendly, we engage young talent ontheir preferred messaging apps.

Powered by AI, our service generates and optimizes job ads in 30 languages for all contract statuses, including : VIE, internships, apprenticeships, fixed-term, and permanent positions. We appreciate SOFT SKILLS through talent video pitches, presentation, tone of voice, posture, eloquence, and more …..

Our Culture and Value Fit Index ensures a perfect match between talents and your company culture.

Experience Peetchr’s Benefits

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Engage young talent at scale with all their favorite app messaging
Increase talent Retention and avoid drop applications
Manage your conversation in a place as a team
Less repetitive tasks, focus on add value interaction
Automate the tediousness of pre-screening tasks with Peetchr AI and reduce no-shows with our candidate nurturing features
Care of your talents like your best clients
Reduce your cost and boost your conversion rate
How it works

Wherever you come from, Wherever you’re going


Create or optimize a job offer that appeals to GenZ. Choose one of our templates that matches your target and send it to all your recruitment channels.

peetchr ai DOES ALL your TEDIOUS WORK

Centralize and automate candidate management with Peetchr AI. Save time and increase efficiency by filtering and qualifying candidates according to your predefined criteria.


Pre-select the most promising candidates with complete objectivity using matching analysis and concrete data provided by our AI. Access detailed reports to evaluate the performance of your campaigns.

reduce no-shows with nurturing

Develop and maintain long-lasting relationships with candidates throughout the recruitment process. Peetchr helps you keep in touch with remaining candidates for future opportunities and build employer brand loyalty.

apply with a chat

Discover Peetchr job postings on social media, via a QR code, or on a job board. Apply easily and instantly using your preferred social account or by creating a Peetchr account.


Interact with Peetchr 24/7 to get information about the job offer, ask questions, and clarify your doubts. Peetchr can also help you apply and schedule interviews.


Answer precise and relevant questions to demonstrate your skills, motivation, and culture fit with the company. Peetchr AI assesses your answers and guides you through your application.

go get your job

Prepare for your interview with confidence thanks to the Peetchr’s information and personalized advice. Be ready to make a good impression and land your dream job.

Why Choose Us

Don’t change your habits
Just improve them

Peetchr is a communication layer bridging your ATS and the recruitment channel you already use, to finally crack & recruit the GenZ with their own codes.

Best GenZ Experience More Value for the Recruiter

Reach the GenZ candidate pool by using their codes & uses with the right candidate experience, built to reconcile them with the HR culture.Social messaging + instantaneous interactions + value fit-scoring features = Best experience/more value for the recruiter

Better conversion rates, faster!

Improving conversion rates for your GenZ campaigns and elevate your employer branding.
Drastically reduce drops, save time with our AI assistant...

Manage your candidates like your best clients

Centralize all conversations into a cool Slack-like interface. Nurture your candidates and maintain their excitement & engagement before Day 1... and reduce no-shows ;)

You already have data... Get insights!

On your candidates’ soft skills & culture-value fit
On your messaging conversion performance per channel, country...

...And so much more

How do we ensure ethical AI standards?

We are board members of the worldwide think tank Kaizen Innovator Network
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Peetchr is a communication layer bridging your ATS and the recruitment channel you already use, to finally crack & recruit the GenZ with their own codes.
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Every great hire starts with a hello

Frequently Asked Questions

All your questions about Peetchr, answered here.

Why use Peetchr?

Peetchr allows you to:

- Treat your candidates like your best customers by addressing your Gen Z target with their own codes and practices, customizing your offers with our templates.
- Improve your conversion rates on your online/offline media HR campaigns (LinkedIn, Indeed, career sites, social ads, QR codes, campus events, job fairs, etc.).
- Save time in your pre-screening processes through AI that automates all repetitive tasks, often eliminating biases.
- Increase candidate engagement and retention by maintaining communication throughout the process via messaging (WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok, Messenger, WeChat, Line, and many others Messaging Apps, mail, SMS, etc).
Score your candidates based on their soft skills through a culture & value fit assessment developed by Peetchr.

Are Gen Z and Millennials really that difficult to recruit?

Unfortunately, yes !
We invite you to download our white paper, which compiles studies from studiesconducted by HR experts to understand their expectations and issues.

How much does Peetchr cost?

We offer 3 solutions tailored to your employer branding challenges and recruitment needs and strategy.
Feel free to book a demo, contact us at or our Features page to explore our offerings in detail.

Is Peetchr another ATS?

No, Peetchr is not an ATS (Applicant Tracking System), it is an enhancement to your existing ATS.
We seamlessly integrate with the leading market solutions and have the capability to develop connectors for specific systems. Please feel free to reach out to our dream tech team at to discuss about your organization and needs.
Feel free to book a demo, contact us at or our Features page to explore our offerings in detail.

How do you ensure your AI does not create more bias than humans?

We understand the challenges and opportunities presented by AI and are well aware that it can also lead to negative outcomes. That's why we have joined the AI Ethical Standard Think Tank, allowing us to have our AI continuously audited to ensure that it, and those we use, remain ethical.

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