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Peetchr tackles challenges faced by a retail chain with high turnover and inefficient hiring. Peetchr's solution increases the reach and diversity of qualified candidates through multi-channel engagement and removes language barriers. It also streamlines the process with AI pre-screening, automated scheduling, and 24/7 availability for applicants. By providing data-driven recruitment insights, Peetchr resulted in reduced turnover, improved efficiency, and a more diverse workforce for the retail chain.


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A nationwide retail chain struggles with high employee turnover and inefficient recruitment processes. Their challenges include attracting diverse talent, managing a high volume of applications, and ensuring a quick yet effective hiring process.

Implementation of Peetchr:

Multi-Channel Candidate Engagement: The retail chain uses Peetchr to make themselves accessible on various platforms like job boards, social media ads, and QR codes in physical stores and campuses. This approach captures a wide range of candidates, including passive job seekers.

Instant Communication in 100+ Languages: With Peetchr's AI recruiting assistant, potential candidates can instantly start a conversation in their preferred language. This breaks down language barriers, making the recruitment process more inclusive and accessible.

Automated Pre-Screening and Scheduling: Peetchr’s AI assistant pre-screens candidates for cultural and value fit, and also assesses LinkedIn profiles or resumes. This is complemented by video questionnaires for candidates with less detailed CVs. Suitable candidates are fast-tracked to interview scheduling, which is automated by Peetchr, enhancing efficiency.

24/7 Recruitment Process: The retail chain benefits from Peetchr's around-the-clock functionality. Candidates can apply and interact at their convenience, which is crucial in a consumer-centric industry like retail. This leads to higher engagement and conversion rates.

Data-Driven Decision Making: Peetchr provides the retail chain with actionable insights and real-time market data. This helps them adjust their recruitment strategies based on the most effective sources of candidate traffic and other performance metrics.


The retail chain sees a significant reduction in short-term turnover and an increase in 90-day retention rates.

The time spent on administrative recruitment tasks is drastically reduced, allowing hiring managers and recruiters to focus on strategic initiatives.

The diversity of the talent pool increases, as Peetchr’s inclusive approach allows for a wider reach and removes biases from the hiring process.

Overall, the retail chain experiences a more streamlined, efficient, and effective recruitment process, aligning better with their dynamic and diverse consumer base.

This use case demonstrates how Peetchr can transform recruitment in the retail industry, making it more efficient, inclusive, and aligned with modern consumer and workforce expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

All your questions about Peetchr, answered here.

Why use Peetchr?

Peetchr allows you to:

- Treat your candidates like your best customers by addressing your Gen Z target with their own codes and practices, customizing your offers with our templates.
- Improve your conversion rates on your online/offline media HR campaigns (LinkedIn, Indeed, career sites, social ads, QR codes, campus events, job fairs, etc.).
- Save time in your pre-screening processes through AI that automates all repetitive tasks, often eliminating biases.
- Increase candidate engagement and retention by maintaining communication throughout the process via messaging (WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok, Messenger, WeChat, Line, and many others Messaging Apps, mail, SMS, etc).
Score your candidates based on their soft skills through a culture & value fit assessment developed by Peetchr.

Are Gen Z and Millennials really that difficult to recruit?

Unfortunately, yes !
We invite you to download our white paper, which compiles studies from studiesconducted by HR experts to understand their expectations and issues.

How much does Peetchr cost?

We offer 3 solutions tailored to your employer branding challenges and recruitment needs and strategy.
Feel free to book a demo, contact us at or our Features page to explore our offerings in detail.

Is Peetchr another ATS?

No, Peetchr is not an ATS (Applicant Tracking System), it is an enhancement to your existing ATS.
We seamlessly integrate with the leading market solutions and have the capability to develop connectors for specific systems. Please feel free to reach out to our dream tech team at to discuss about your organization and needs.
Feel free to book a demo, contact us at or our Features page to explore our offerings in detail.

How do you ensure your AI does not create more bias than humans?

We understand the challenges and opportunities presented by AI and are well aware that it can also lead to negative outcomes. That's why we have joined the AI Ethical Standard Think Tank, allowing us to have our AI continuously audited to ensure that it, and those we use, remain ethical.

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