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In a competitive and regulated financial services industry, a prominent institution uses Peetchr to address recruitment challenges. Peetchr facilitates attracting qualified candidates through diverse channels and fosters 24/7 multilingual communication via its AI assistant. By reducing time-to-hire and improving the quality of hires with the right expertise, Peetchr empowers the institution to compete effectively. Additionally, the platform's efficiency frees up HR for strategic initiatives while ensuring access to the global talent pool.

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A prominent financial services institution faces challenges in attracting and hiring skilled professionals in a highly competitive and regulation-driven market. They need to streamline their recruitment process to quickly fill roles with candidates who not only have the required financial expertise but also align with stringent regulatory and compliance standards.

Implementation of Peetchr:

Diverse Candidate Outreach: Utilizing Peetchr, the company reaches out to potential candidates through various channels, including industrial job boards, social media platforms, and QR codes in vocational schools and local community centers.

24/7 AI-Driven Communication in Multiple Languages: Peetchr’s AI assistant engages with candidates in their preferred language at any time. This is crucial in manufacturing, where shift workers and diverse linguistic backgrounds are common.

Automated Screening for Skill and Cultural Fit: The AI assistant pre-screens candidates for specific skills required in manufacturing roles. It also assesses candidates for cultural fit, ensuring they align with the company’s work ethics and values.

Efficient Scheduling for Shift-Based Roles: Peetchr’s automated scheduling feature is tailored to handle the complexities of shift-based hiring, coordinating interviews across different time slots and departments.

Centralized Communication and Task Automation: The platform centralizes all recruitment communications, automating tedious tasks. This efficiency is vital in manufacturing, where time and resource management is critical.


The institution experiences a reduction in time-to-hire, crucial for maintaining competitiveness in the fast-paced financial market.

The quality of hires improves, with candidates who possess the requisite financial expertise and meet compliance standards.

The recruitment process becomes more accessible and efficient, attracting top talent from the global financial workforce.

Administrative burdens on HR and recruitment teams are reduced, enabling them to focus more on strategic talent acquisition and regulatory compliance.

This use case illustrates how Peetchr can effectively streamline recruitment in the Financial Services sector, ensuring efficiency, compliance, and access to a skilled, global talent pool.

Frequently Asked Questions

All your questions about Peetchr, answered here.

Why use Peetchr?

Peetchr allows you to:

- Treat your candidates like your best customers by addressing your Gen Z target with their own codes and practices, customizing your offers with our templates.
- Improve your conversion rates on your online/offline media HR campaigns (LinkedIn, Indeed, career sites, social ads, QR codes, campus events, job fairs, etc.).
- Save time in your pre-screening processes through AI that automates all repetitive tasks, often eliminating biases.
- Increase candidate engagement and retention by maintaining communication throughout the process via messaging (WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok, Messenger, WeChat, Line, and many others Messaging Apps, mail, SMS, etc).
Score your candidates based on their soft skills through a culture & value fit assessment developed by Peetchr.

Are Gen Z and Millennials really that difficult to recruit?

Unfortunately, yes !
We invite you to download our white paper, which compiles studies from studiesconducted by HR experts to understand their expectations and issues.

How much does Peetchr cost?

We offer 3 solutions tailored to your employer branding challenges and recruitment needs and strategy.
Feel free to book a demo, contact us at or our Features page to explore our offerings in detail.

Is Peetchr another ATS?

No, Peetchr is not an ATS (Applicant Tracking System), it is an enhancement to your existing ATS.
We seamlessly integrate with the leading market solutions and have the capability to develop connectors for specific systems. Please feel free to reach out to our dream tech team at to discuss about your organization and needs.
Feel free to book a demo, contact us at or our Features page to explore our offerings in detail.

How do you ensure your AI does not create more bias than humans?

We understand the challenges and opportunities presented by AI and are well aware that it can also lead to negative outcomes. That's why we have joined the AI Ethical Standard Think Tank, allowing us to have our AI continuously audited to ensure that it, and those we use, remain ethical.

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